Care For & Protect Your DONUM Footwear…

Tips for preserving and getting the most out of your new pair:


Store DONUM footwear in a cool, dry place away from damaging elements like dust and direct sunlight. We recommend use of a shoe tree when shoes are not being worn to help preserve the shape.



Preserve the quality of your DONUM pair by having them conditioned and polished regularly. Dirt and impurities should first be removed with a soft cloth, the leather nourished and protected with a colorless wax and then polished with a shade slightly lighter than the leather color to ensure a perfect shine. In the event your shoes are subjected to excessive moisture, rain or snow, insert shoe trees upon removal and allow to dry on their sides away from direct heat for at least 24 hours.



Always store your DONUM footwear in the shoe bag provided at the time of purchase.



Always use a shoe horn when putting on your DONUM footwear. This will help to preserve the integrity of the heel cap and overall structure of the shoe. We recommend that new pair of shoes should be worn for 2-3 hours at a time until broken in. After a full day of wear, a pair of shoes should be rested for at least 24 hours before being worn again.

Size Conversions

9 42 8
10 43 9
11 44 10
12 45 11
13 46 12
14 47 13
15 48 14
16 49 15
17 50 16
18 51 17
19 52 18


How are DONUM products made?

All DONUM products are created by expert craftsman in the tradition of Italian shoemakers. We source the very best materials and meticulously trim, stitch, shape and hand-paint every pair.

What materials are used in the making of DONUM products?

DONUM uses only the finest Italian calf skin and suede leathers. Our skins are meticulously selected from the highest quality lots and are tanned using the chrome tanning technique, resulting in softer and more supple leather that is more stable and durable than vegetable tanned leather. Soles are made with a combination of leather and rubber inserts. The leather is buffed and beveled to attain the ideal lines an thickness. All glues are water based and environmentally friendly.

How can I get a pair?

Contact your personal shopper or stylist, or order right here on our secure website.

What about sizing?

DONUM shoes sizes match the standard US sizes. Please consult the size chart to get the most accurate fit.

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