At Donum, our employees come first. During this pandemic, we have kept all of our employees and have subsidised laptops for all their children so they can continue to study from home.

We have been working hand in hand with some of the best leather and outsoles suppliers to offer you shoes with the highest standards in design and quality, at an affordable price. We aim to increase our sales by reaching out to a broader audience, guaranteeing the same level of quality in manufacturing and materials. A truly win-win opportunity for all.

We have also moved to the Pre - Order model in order to cut costs of inventory. This benefit is 100% for you, getting the same quality at a much lower price.

DONUM family

Thank You!

Your purchase of Donum shoes proves you have great taste and high standards. Our shoes are crafted from the finest materials, through a painstaking process, concentrating on delivering the highest quality footwear available.

But did you know you also made a difference with your decision to wear Donum? We are not only dedicated to the highest quality footwear money can buy, but to caring for human beings. That is why all our profits go directly to our programs educating, training and employing underprivileged men and women in Colombia.

When you wear your Donum, you can genuinely Walk With Pride.


Paola García

I thank God for your purchase of this product that we made with delicacy and love. We make them for every person we don’t know but thinking in his confort and hoping that he will like our work and will recommend our brand to others. Thank you. 


"Le doy gracias a Dios por la compra que usted hace de este producto que se hace con delicadeza y amor. Para cada persona que no conocemos lo hacemos pensando en su comodidad y esperando que también le guste nuestro trabajo y lo pueda sugerir a otras personas. Gracias."


Milton Ortiz

I have had the chance to re- invent my self in light of very adverse and difficult situations, I live with our hate or resentment towards others. This I learned it here at Missione. Here I found myself and because whole. I also developed and found values in my I didn’t even know I had. 


"He tenido la capacidad de reinventarme, ante las situaciones adversas y difíciles, sin odios, rencores ante los demás. Lo aprendi a hacer aquí en Misione. Aquí pude reencontrarme conmigo mismo, pude ser mas individuo. También desarrolle y encontré valores que no sabia que tenia."

Handpainting & Finishing

Yeni Mogollon

That the love with which I do my job here transcends in you and your family. This product is a blessing for me, I hope it is for you too. 


"Que el amor con el que hago mi trabajo trascienda en ti y en tu familia. Este producto es una bendición en mi vida, espero que en la tuya también."

Preparation & Assembly

Karen Muños

These pair of shoes was inspired by you. That every step you take is blessed.


"Este zapato esta inspirado en ti. Que cada paso que des sea bendecido."


Fabian Carvajal

Thank you Gladys for allow me to work in Missione. May God continue to bless you and your family and I hope we can continue to have you with us in our mind and heart for many more years. May God bless you with your heart desires. Thank you. 


"Gracias Gladys por permitirme estar en la empresa Missione. Dios te siga bendiciendo en tu familia y que te tengamos por muchos anos mas en nuestra mente y corazón. Que Dios te conceda todos los deseos de tu corazón. Gracias."

Preparation & Packing

Carmen Rodriguez

I give thanks to God for this opportunity, to make shoes with love so that the client will be satisfied. Because everything I do, I do it with love and dedication. I feel very proud of the work I do, I know this effort will leave a client very happy. 


"Doy gracias a Dios por esta oportunidad. Hacer los zapatos con mucho amor para que el cliente quede satisfecho. Porque son hechos con mucho amor y dedicación. Me siento muy orgullosa de hacer mi trabajo bien porque sé que habra un cliente que se sentirá muy satisfecho. "

Handpainting & Finishes

Maricela Rueda

It is wonderful to realise that it just takes one opportunity and someone to have faith in you for you to outdo yourself, not only personally but also professionally, allowing you to make products of the highest quality there is. And this way, demonstrate that the faith in God and in what I do, makes the difference. Thank you for your purchase. 


"Es maravilloso darse cuenta que solo basta una oportunidad y la fe de alguien en ti para poderte superar, no solo como persona sino logrando un producto de la mas alta calidad. Y de esta manera demostrar que la Fe en Dios y en lo que hago, hace la diferencia. Gracias por su compra. "

Finishes & Packing

Marleni Godoy

Thank you dear Client for buying DONUM shoes. They were made with love because while working at Missione, I have learn to be tolerant, a better  human being and to be thankful. 


"Gracias señor cliente por comprar este par de zapatos. Fueron hechos con mucho amor ya que en Missione he aprendido a ser mas tolerante, y más humana y a ser más agradecida."

Blake Stitching

Sandra Canchon

Thank you to all the people who are buying these shoes, because by doing so, I have been able to buy my own house. Thank you all for helping us achieve our family goals. I have been blessed through Donum Shoes and I have received a lot of knowledge. It it great to know that what I make with love you will wear it with love as well. 


"Gracias a las personas que compran estos zapatos por que al comprarlos ayudan a que yo pudiera tener un techo propio. Gracias a todos ustedes por ayudar a hacer todos nuestros proyectos de vida realidad. A través de los zapatos Donum he recibido muchas bendiciones y conocimiento. Es muy grande saber que lo que hago con amor, lo lucen con amor. "


Maira Dueñas

Thanks to Misione I have learned to be a strong person; one that can fight for her dreams and goals regardless of my circumstances or wicknesszes. We must never surrender. With love, hope and faith in God and in ourselves, we can grow and achieve our goals, demonstrating that we are integral beings, that can do everything with love without hurting anybody; even just by offering a smile, a hug and by being thankful to one another, we can become better human beings. 


"Gracias a Missione he aprendido a fortalecerme como persona y saber luchar por los sueños y metas que tenemos en nuestras vidas que no importa las circunstancias o debilidades que tengamos nunca debemos sentirnos derrotados pero sobre todo con amor, esperanza y mucha fe en Dios y en nuestros corazones podemos superarnos, salir adelante y demostrar que somos personas integras, personas que podemos dar todo con amor sin lastimar a nadie , solo con una sonrisa, un abrazo y mucho agradecimiento hacia los demás podemos dar lo mejor de nosotros como seres humanos. "