The Donum Family

Donum products are exclusively manufactured to the highest standards of quality in a state of the art facility in Tocancipa, Colombia. Our Colombian company name is Missione and as the name describes, we run a purpose driven company. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our employees and their families by offering programs within our company to promote professional and personal development.

Among our programs are the one-year full time training we give to single mothers who haven’t received any education and may not have previous experience in shoe making. We offer this direct, personal and spiritual support program to all employees so they can grow as individuals and as members of our society.

We offer all of these programs while manufacturing leather shoes and accessories to the highest standards, offering our clients products of the best quality that they can only find with traditional luxury brands, but completely crafted with love by very beautiful souls and affordable to your budget.

We are a socially aware company and I invite you to be part of DONUM…. feel the love and walk with confidence and purpose.

Gladys Bolivar
Chief Missionary Officer

The Donum Family



Thank You.


From our family to you.