Walk with purpose

We are dedicated to a better world.

We want to help by breaking poverty cycles of marginalized mothers, head of household in Colombia. According to DANE (National Administrative Department of Statistics in Colombia), 52% of the women in Colombia (12,3M) are mothers head of household. And of this percentage, these mothers and their families are 2x more likely to be living in extreme poverty. 

The Reason? Many of these mothers suffer from discrimination in the workplace, inferior levels of education, rape, abuse and violence from a young age.

Our commitment

To build a self sustainable and purpose driven company that manufactures top quality shoes while improving the lives of head of household mothers and their families. 

Through our Colombian manufacturing company Missione, we offer them formal jobs with standard weekday hours, access to health, paid holidays and pension plans; more importantly and to give them a head start, we hire and pay them for a full year to learn the craft of shoemaking while also offering them our hosted programs focusing on personal and professional growth, and soul and spiritual healing. 

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our employees and their families. 

How can you help?

By purchasing a pair of DONUM shoes you are contributing to this social enterprise and its purpose. In return, you receive the most awesome shoes made with SOUL by beautiful and talented Colombian women.


One human at a time.