Choosing the right size

DONUM shoes sizes match standard US sizes.

If you typically wear a US size 10, you can order a size 10 in Donum shoes.

For all formal shoes, we offer half sizes and also offer a Narrow version. Our Standard version will fit most men but those with particular narrow feet can obtain a more comfortable fit when ordering the Narrow version.

Also, if you have particular wide feet you can order a Custom Made pair of shoes. We will be happy to make you our Wide version in the style and color of your preference. Write to us at and we will explain the process.

Please note that all SNEAKERS are made in the standard version only and are not made in half sizes. If you typically wear a half-size sneaker, we strongly recommend that you size down. For example, if you wear a size 10.5, we recommend that you size down to a 10.


Understanding the right fit:

Know that extra room in your toes is by design, so resist the urge to press down on your toes to assess the fit. There's always going to be extra room because of the shape of our shoe lasts.

To assess a perfect fit, check to see if there is enough room across the widest part of your foot and your heel sits comfortably in the shoe.

Don't worry about minor heel slippage, it is normal in a new pair of leather-soled shoes. After you break in your new shoes, the heel slippage will stop. Calfskin leather needs a chance to conform to your foot.

 If you have any specific questions, you can email us at We are happy to help!

Donum (US Sizes) Euro sizes UK sizes
7.0 40 6
7.5 40-41 6-7
8.0 41 7
8.5 41-42 7-8
9.0 42 8
9.5 42-43 8-9
10.0 43 9
10.5 43-44 9-10
11.0 44 10
11.5 44-45 10-11
12.0 45 11
12.5 45-46 11-12
13.0 46 12
13.5 46-47 12-13
14.0 47 13
14.5 47-48 13-14
15.0 48 14
15.5 48-49 14-15
16.0 49 15
17.0 50 16
18.0 51 17
19.0 52 18